Where to Go In Yogyakarta? Some Suggestions for an Adventure away from the City

Are you currently struggling with finding where to go in yogyakarta? You shouldn’t, by the way. Yogyakarta is so pack full of attractions that it is almost impossible for anyone to find it difficult to explore the city. Of course, if you decided to just stay around the downtown, your options would be limited to attractions that are already famous among tourists. Odds are, you need to struggle with the crowd, especially when it’s peak season in Yogyakarta. As a tourist, this might not be what you are looking for. You probably want something else that offers you a chance to get away from the crowd and those famous, touristy spots are not where you can expect such a thing from.

So, where to go in yogyakartaindonesia when you want to escape the city’s buzzing life? Obviously, you need to step away from the city’s confine and explore the nature. This, too, is not something hard to find. Yogyakarta is like a point of convergence where modern life meets traditions meets the nature. The growth of tourism industry in Yogyakarta has reached fever pitch these days as developers are racing to set up hotels as accommodations for tourists from all around the world. This also extends to areas formerly unknown even to the locals—those that are previously left untouched.

These are the spots to crack the problem of where to go in yogyakarta city if you wish to get away from the city life. Natural landscapes offer different and challenging activities for you to enjoy. As some of the places listed below have just recently gained fame, the road to get there could be part of the challenge itself:

  1. Jomblang Cave

Ever done cave-tubing among an ancient environment preserved so well? In Jomblang, the cave is so deep that a forest ecosystem exists in the interior.

  1. Kalibiru

Kalibiru is an area of ecotourism that is situated at Menoreh Mountain, a range of hills that borders Yogyakarta Province to the west. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities while enjoying the scenic panorama around.

  1. Sri Gethuk Water Fall

Obviously, there are sorts of watersports you can do here.

  1. Mount Merapi

The volcano is the icon of Yogyakarta, both literally and symbolically. Most common activity in this area is Lava Tour.

  1. Suroloyo Peak

Build a tent and camp at the site and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to take a peek at the famous Borobudur from afar.

  1. Mangunan Pine Forest

Due to its elevation, the area transforms into a perfect fertile soil for the pine trees to grow. Take a moment to inhale the fresh air at this spot and don’t forget to also visit the nearby Imogiri Royal Cemetery.

  1. Mudal River Park

The area consists of several ponds with the largest being the one nearest to the parking lot—suitable for adults to take a dip.

  1. EmbungBataraSriten

Located in a quiet environment, the place features Yogyakarta’s highest manmade lake, in terms of elevation.


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